Athletic Director Message

Welcome to Jersey Coast Academy!

The reality you are here proves that you are sincere about your opportunity for success on a athletic collegiate level. That's what the student-athletes who come to Jersey Coast Academy will demonstrate to us each season, commitment to improving in the classroom, in their athletics, and as individuals.

Jersey Coast Academy aims to inspire and develop leaders, champions, and student-athletes while at the same time, empowering youth to be successful while in college and life itself. We provide a structured institution with rules and regulations while exercising reasonable discipline provided by concerned and caring role models. Teams are limited to a maximum size to provide an environment that is advantageous to learning and to provide sufficient time for one-on-one guidance and development. Jersey Coast Academy maintains a family-oriented atmosphere with a balanced educational and athletic structure. The program strives to meet the following goals and objectives:

• Shape student-athletes' identities while focusing in developing:

  • a) an awareness of the balance between academic and athletic pursuits and
  • b) an awareness of student-athletes' capacities and their connection to their communities.

• Build academic, athletic, and leadership skills, which would focus on the development of

  • a) study skills, core literacy, and mathematics skills;
  • b) speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination; and
  • c) life and leadership skills, communication, team building, trust, respect, and a strong work ethic.

• Develop healthy habits, focusing on empowering student-athletes to live physically active lifestyles and avoid negative and risky behaviors.

• Ensure that every prospect receives high quality education, focusing on

  • a) advocacy,
  • b) school placement, and
  • c) support for student-athletes in their matriculation from junior college to a four year institution.

Athletic participation plays an important role in the maturity of JCA students. Athletics offers matchless knowledge and opportunities that balance the mind, social and exciting growth that students experience in other areas of school life.

Competition is an important part of our athletic program and all of our student-athletes' livelihood. Coaches strive for improvement and also, to win. Here you will find more emphasis on learning – about yourself, about your sport and about working together.