Rick Valmon - Director of Operations

Chuck Morris - PHD Director of Sports Science

Doctor Morris is considered a local and national expert in wellness and sports performance, with clients across many fields of business and sport benefiting from his programs.
Many of the NFL's , past and current superstar players have benefited from working with Chuck and they all say the same two things: working with Chuck is like no other experience they have ever had and all wish they had him earlier in their sports career. 

Chuck is a local resource with an international footprint. Known for not only helping producing superior student athletes through better skill acquisition but he also improves their physical performance, with focuses on other key components like character, stress management and the ability to consistently make good choices. 

Doctor Morris is A highly sought after speaker known for not just electrifying and motivating content but also his ability to make very complex concepts simple to understand. Added with practical application that can be put into action by almost anyone immediately.

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Bima Baje - Business Administrator

Eugenia Lawson - Director of Academic Affairs

Grace Johnson - Coordinator of Student Affairs

Michael Rush - Senior Academic Adviser