JCA Academics


With earnest, we believe in out motto "No Student-Athlete Left Behind." Jersey Coast Academy cultivates the athletes, while a local community college helps students continue their education through classes that lead to a degree, certification and licensure.

Our Commitment to Academics

Jersey Coast Academy's academic and student support department work hands-on with our student athletes to provide comprehensive guidance from pre- through post admissions. We maintain constant contact with the institutions that our student-athletes attend and monitor attendance and standing. Jersey Coast Academy's academic department remains focused on the academic achievement of its student-athletes, requiring weekly meetings with academic advisors. Student-athletes also receive mid- and end-of-semester academic reviews to determine their compliance with educational requirements and policies.

Tutorial services are available to student-athletes by our academic and student support department, in conjunction with the student services department. All Jersey Coast Academy student-athletes are required to attend mandatory study hall, 5 days per week, unless otherwise advised by the academic department. We require our student-athletes possess the determination to excel academically.

Degree Programs

Registration at a local New Jersey community college is required in order to attend Jersey Coast Academy and participate in any of the Academy's sport programs. There are various degree programs and certificates available that lead directly to careers needed in the community. Students can earn credits in the following concentrations:

  • Business and Workforce
  • Criminal Justice
  • Computer Science and Information
  • Graphic Design/Visual Communications Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Public/Human Services
  • Journalism
  • Legal
  • Liberal Arts
  • other special interest studies