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Welcome New Students of the 2018 2019 academic school year.

Jersey Coast Academy

Life at JCA

Several studies have shown that college student-athletes graduate at a higher rate than students not involved in organized athletics. We believe work ethic, discipline and values taught in competitive athletics contribute to this success.

Discipline and Doctrine

Jersey Coast Academy will assist their student-athletes' overall development (as a person, student and athlete) through an organized and demanding schedule. Daily routines consist of scheduled time for classes, studying and tutoring, enrichment, community service, field trips, seminars, etc.

Jersey Coast Academy Student-Athletes Take Advantage of Their Second Chance

Student-athletes from the Jersey Coast Academy Jaguars football program are excelling in academics.
After completing their first semester at Jersey Coast Academy (Fall 2015), the following academic standouts achieved the NCAA GPA requirements to become eligible for Division 1 and Division 2 scholarships:
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